The beauty of the Elephants symbolized in jewelry 2019
In many cultures the Elephants symbolize lucky, strength, stability, spirituality, wisdom, protection, prosperity, honor, patience, and blessing upon new projects. This veneration originated in India and south-east Asia, where the Hindu religion is particularly responsible for much of the honor assigned to these animals.
The Hindu god, Ganesha, is their god of wisdom and success and the remover of life’s obstacles. This god is represented by an elephant-headed human with two pairs of arms and worshipped by all Hindu sects as well as some Jains and further parts of India. These same cultures also consider the elephant to be a symbol of fertility and used in Feng Shui and Yoga around the world.
 Our charm bracelet with tiny Elephants is often used in Feng Shui to energize & symbolize power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility, and general good luck. It is a great reminder of how strong you are to overcome anything.
It is a perfect gift for yourself or loved one-wife, mom, girlfriend, daughter, grandmother, granddaughter, goddaughter, friend, sister or aunt.
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